Monday, October 12, 2009

Missing in Inaction

I'm back! I have some ideas going through my head and the design world does not wait for you to share them. In the meantime, I wanted to share this Web site with everyone. Hidden Messages It's great. Here are a couple that I enjoy:


Take some time to read the (not so) hidden messages on the site. Some of the creativity is great. Also, make sure you follow @downwithdesign on Twitter!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Car Alarm Skit

Also, I forgot to post my final project from Graphics 537 Typography class last semester. It's audio from a piece of Dane Cook's car alarm skit set in motion with type. The project was done in Adobe After Effects, which we had to learn while doing it. Enjoy!

Dane Cook Car Alarm Skit- Fall 2008 Graphics from Calyn Wissick on Vimeo.

I'm in a New York state of mind

This Wednesday I will be leaving for the senior graphics capstone field trip to New York City. This may sound like fun and games, but the senior designers have busy schedules ahead of them. Thursday and Friday will be jam-packed with corporate meetings and no time for lunch, even though Sherri has yet to forward our itinerary.

Be jealous, kiddies. Headliners include visiting Rolling Stone Magazine and checking up on the "rocking" design department, the National Hockey League to test our sports design knowledge, and (my personal fave) Print Magazine. Print Magazine is only the coolest place EVER for a designer. It's The New York Times of design- it's my Mecca. Thanks to Sherri's contacts, we have an in. We'll also be presenting logos we've designed to a group of teenage photographers from the nycSALT program. And lastly, we will present preliminary ideas for our social impact campaigns to the people critiquing our portfolios in May and ultimately determining my fate.
Here is a copy of my rough draft design for the SALT program:

Anyway, that business will come later in blogging when it's more definitive and my designs are finalized. For now I'd like to show you the project that I'm bringing to NYC. The assignment was to create a "leave behind" for each employer we see while we're visiting. We could put as much into it as we wanted, but basically it's like leaving a creative business card with pieces of my work. Here's a little background info: every time I travel I try to buy magnets featuring the city or country I'm in to keep as a personal momento. They're cost effective and fun to look at later. Using that idea, I created magnets of my work. Small, easy to bring in a bag as I traverse around NYC, and not as expensive as creating a shirt or poster. My hard work of Saturday and Sunday:

I used the same wordmark and font for the leave behind as I use on my resume to create consistency. The back features an explanation of each project. It turned out pretty well for being amatuer! Would you hire me? please?

Here's a little something courtesy of google. Laugh, you know you want to.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Still blogging

I've gotten some comments from friends about not maintaining my blog. Truth be told, there just hasn't been time.

Oh well. Thoughts currently on my mind include four graphics projects due Friday and Jerk proofs on Sunday. No complaints. I just finished a character study, one of my assignments due Friday. We had to choose a single character in any font to serve as our "typographical self-portrait," as Shay-Tay calls it. (Yes I did link to my professor, but if you knew her you'd understand why. She's great.)

I chose the letter Q from the beautiful typeface Baskerville. It was created in 1757 as a transitional serif font. Usually I'm not much into serif fonts because of their lack of versatility as modern display print, but I think this is such a beautiful letter I couldn't help myself. The tail of a Q is one of the first things designers look at when identifying fonts. Because of its uniqueness, I chose it as my self-portrait. Plus, the letter "Q" makes a great sound when you say it. It can be challenging... kind of like the "Ca" in my name, right? Below is what I've done so far. I designed a background in Photoshop using a million layers but I think it fits. Transition of old typeface yet the new grunge background. I'm somewhere in the middle.

Let me know your thoughts!

I'll be posting some ideas for a project I'm doing for "leave behinds" in the next couple of days. I promise it won't take me a month again.

Anyway, here's a nice picture I found while surfing that I adore. Amen sister friend.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why Don't You Blog About It!?

Welcome to the new blog!

The title of this first post has some sentimental value. I now have a blog all my own, and all grown up. I once joked about sharing intimate details in the form of a blog roughly two years ago (an eternity in college life). Now I'm taking myself up on my own offer. The freedom of not having to blog for a grade after the end of last semester's typography class has made me realize how much I miss writing my weekly entry about all things graphics... and checking up on the blog world in general. So here it is ladies and gents! My first "real person" blog where I can share anything with you -mostly graphics, duh- and where I can taunt you with my ramblings. In addition to this little blog, I plan on having a website finished in the next month, so I'd like to use this as an interface for suggestions and input on the design of that as well. So keep checking back and I'll keep you posted, and I'll even "blog about it." Thanks for stopping by!